Thinking about combining/consolidating/optimising your pension savings?

It’s important to get professional advice*


Pension Consolidation is considered by the FCA as a high risk factor and all cases any advice should

come from a holistic approach from a qualified financial adviser.

In the past people have lost money or benefits from consolidation of pensions because they were not made aware of all the implications.

Many people are unaware that they could loose some benefits that one or more of their existing pension plans provide. Alternatively pension savings could be in a historically poor performing pension fund and by moving these funds they may perform and be managed more efficiently.

ALL PensionsAdviceUK Advisers ARE qualified specialists and are able to give you important advice about optimising your pension savings.

Do you have multiple pension savings pots?

If you have multiple pension savings policies then it may be beneficial to bring some or all of them together into one pension fund.

You may have pensions from previous employment, pensions you have set up in the past, opted out of SERPS.

You can have a free no-obligation, discussion with a specialist qualified pension expert, who will discuss with you your pensions, trace old pensions and provide you with valuable advice on what your options are.

By using one of our selected qualified advisors you can be sure they are FCA approved, and have the experience and qualifications to give you a clear professional in-sight, that will enable you to fully understand and maximise your retirement income.

Key benefits of pension consolidation…

  • Potentially higher performing*
  • Find old small pension savings and add them together
  • Un-freeze frozen pension savings
  • Easier to manage
  • Build a relationship with a trusted advisor
  • Greater transparency into fund performance
  • Fully understand your pension value
  • Learn how your pension will work for you in the future
  • Potentially save you money in fee’s and administration charges.
  • Easier to add further contributions

By using one of our qualified advisers you will gain from a clear professional in-sight, that will help and advise you, and enable you to fully understand and maximise your retirement income.

*Funds can go down as well as up.

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