Consolidating and Combining Pensions

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If you have multiple pensions that you currently contribute to, OR that have lapsed from  previous employment, or pensions you have set up and not maintained, or you have old SERPS that you opted out of years ago! You are able to combine them all into one fund, which then makes it much easier to manage and  keep track of your valuable pension assets.

Our specialist qualified pension consolidation advisors will  track down and get you accurate valuations of ALL your funds, then they will provide you with in-valuable advice and arrange for your funds to be combined.

*It is crucial to get qualified advice (ALL Pensions Advice UK Advisors ARE qualified specialists)  before embarking on combining your pension funds…For example, many people are unaware that they  could loose some benefits existing pension plans provide by combining the pension incorrectly.

By using one of our independent, qualified advisors you will gain from  clear professional in-site, help and advice  so that you can fully understand and maximise your retirement income.

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NOTE:  You will not be charged  for the initial advice until you want to proceed with combining your funds (all charges will be clearly stated). The advisor will track down all your pension assets and help you to understand what you can do. You are not obliged to take up the advice and you will not be charged IF you do not proceed.

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Who ever your pension funds are with we can help!

It is very important to get qualified  advice when considering combining pension funds.
*It can sometimes cost you more and you can loose the benefits that some pension providers maybe providing. So, by getting professional qualified advice you can be sure that you are making an informed decision and understand the implications.

Pensions Advice UK are here to make sure you find the right advisor who is a qualified and experienced professional.

  • All our chosen  advisors are FCA approved and can be verified
  • All have many years of experience and knowledge
  • FCA approval means that the advice is guaranteed

By providing some simple details, we can route your requirements to the right specialist. After you have submitted your details we will contact you within the hour (office hours) or the next working day if your enquiry is in the evening or weekends.

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