Free Pension Health Check

Some of the key benefits of our Free Pension Health Check include:

  • Get a second opinion on your existing savings
  • Find out if your pension savings are being eroded by high adviser charges
  • Free whole-of-market comparison
  • Recommendations on how to optimise your savings and reach your retirement goals
  • A detailed assessment of your current pension plan
  • Completely impartial and unbiased advice
  • Expert guidance on consolidating multiple pensions
  • A personalised report detailing our findings and recommendations
  • Trace old pensions and find out how to get them working for you.

Billion’s in Unclaimed Funds!

* There is currently an estimated £140 million in unclaimed “lost” pension savings. This is money people have previously saved for retirement, that is unclaimed. So, it is worth checking if you could have pension funds that have not been claimed!