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Qualified Professional Advice

Pensions Advice UK believe it is essential to receive high quality independent qualified pension advice. After all your pension is probably one of your largest assets and therefore should be looked after properly.

Therefore Pensions Advice UK can provide you with an authorised and regulated adviser who specialises in your pension options and can support you to help you to make the right choice for your financial future!

All our selected advisers, in line with the regulatory requirement, provide pension advice. Our chosen advisers pride themselves in treating customers fairly, providing a dedicated approach of focusing on ‘the client’s best interest’.

Rest assured that the adviser we allocate to you will be a qualified specialist, who is experienced and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.

Review Your Pension

We have a chosen team of independent qualified pension advice specialists.

You will be dealing directly with qualified financial advisers as recommended by the government. Our chosen advisers pride themselves in providing a modern, informative approach, dealing with each client on a personal and individual basis.

Furthermore, their pension advice covers all areas of pensions. They can help you with defined benefit pension advice, releasing funds, inheritance planning, tax advice, annuity rates, pension lump sum, and many other queries to do with your pension.

Our experts are here for you. So why not get in touch today.

Pensions advice uk

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