Advice on pension consolidation

It’s vitally important, in all cases, to get qualified professional advice from a qualified pension adviser who is registered and approved by the FCA, before considering any form of pension consolidation.

If you have multiple pension savings funds, then you may be wondering if it is beneficial to bring some or all of them together into one pension fund.

Many people have pensions from previous employment, pensions they have set up, opted out of SERPS, and pensions they have lost touch with over the years.

It might be helpful for you to get a FREE, no-obligation pension consolidation review with one of our qualified pension experts.

All our advisers are FCA approved and have the experience and qualifications to give you a clear professional insight that will enable you to understand and maximise your retirement income fully.

Consolidate your workplace pensions for a simpler retirement strategy.

If you’ve had multiple jobs, chances are you’ve paid into different pension schemes. It can be challenging to keep track of them all, especially with 6 or 7 pensions becoming common these days. This can lead to forgotten plans languishing in expensive and underperforming funds, with overwhelming paperwork deterring proactive action.

Consider a pension transfer to a new provider as a solution. By switching, you can potentially reduce charges, especially if you have an older plan with high fees, and gain access to different investment options. However, be mindful of any exit penalties associated with your current policy, as they may outweigh the benefits of transferring.

Consolidating all your retirement savings in one place is another effective strategy. Simplify and manage your pensions more easily by transferring everything into a single, easy-to-manage pension.

Key benefits of our FREE pension review…

  • Potentially higher performing*
  • Find old small pension savings and add them together
  • Un-freeze frozen pension savings
  • Get transparency on hidden pension charges
  • Build a relationship with a trusted advisor
  • Greater transparency into fund performance
  • Fully understand your pension value and how to optimise its performance
  • Learn how your pension will work for you in the future
  • Potentially save you money in fees and administration charges.
  • Easier to add further contributions

*Funds can go down as well as up. It is important always to get advice and regularly review your pension savings.

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