Who is Pensions Advice UK?

Pension Advice UK introduces people who are looking for Pension Advice and support to to qualified advice firms who provide regulated pension advice services. Pensions Advice UK, established in 2014, is now visited by thousands of people a month.

Pensions Advice UK Does not provide pension advice or advice about any other types of investment.
We simply provide a simple way of finding firms who provide regulated pension advice in the UK.
Any information on our web site is provided for guidance purposes only and is designed to point you to a qualified, professional advice firm who can help you.

Chosen Specialists

You can be assured that all our chosen advisers:

  • Provide a free, no obligation initial appointment, either on the phone or in person
  • Are regulated and authorised by the FCA
  • Provide clear in-sight into charges prior to commencement
  • Have excellent customer feedback that can be demonstrated
  • Are the right type of specialist in their field.

You have the right to great advice and to get value for money…

We believe you have the right to expect value for money from an adviser firm, so we constantly monitor the fees the advisers are charging

Free Consultation and Assessments

Why don’t you contact our team today to arrange a no-obligation pension review? We do not charge, and the adviser will not charge you for there initial consultation.

Quality Financial Advice

We make sure, on your behalf, that all our advisers are qualified and authorised to provide advice. We want everyone that requires advice about their pension or investment arrangements to speak to a qualified and authorised financial adviser.

Competitive Charges

Pensions Advice UK does not charge for its services our service is completely free.
However, IF your details are passed to a firm, the firm themselves will pay us a fee.

The adviser will provide a no-obligation consultation and review

If you want to proceed with any recommendation they will make you fully aware of their fees.
If you want information about how much an adviser should be charging please contact our support team on the number detailed above.