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About SERPS (state Earnings Related Pension Scheme)

If you were employed from the 80’s through to around 2012 you would have been eligible to ‘opt out’
This was usually just a matter of ticking a box and signing a form. (Over 11 million people did just that!). Part of your National Insurance contributions would then be re-directed into a private pension fund set up in your own name. There were over 100 pension companies able to accept these contributions at the time, however many have merged or been taken over and tracing your funds can be difficult. Have you lost touch with your pension pot?

£30,000 Average Fund Size…

On average our clients are finding the fund size to be around £30k! In some cases larger!
So it is really worth finding and looking after this sizeable pension fund that belongs to you!

How Do I Find Out?

Pensions Advice UK provide a free service that will initially help you to track down your SERPS fund and our advisors will then provide you with a valuation and recommendations on how you can utilise this fund!

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Average Fund £30k

If you contracted out of SERPS we, on average find around £30k worth of funds on behalf of our clients – sometimes this can be as much as £80k!


Many people in the 80’s and 90’s contracted out of SERPS and they may have a significant pension fund in some cases in excess of £30k! By using our Pension Tracing Service we can find these lost funds and help you to utilise them!

£40 Billion of Unclaimed Funds!

* There is currently an estimated £400 million in unclaimed pension savings. This is money people have previously saved for their retirement So it is worth checking if you could have pension funds that have not been claimed!

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Where is My Pension?

Find lost funds. We can go back many years and funds that you thought maybe only small could have grown significantly.

How Much Is Your Pension Worth?

How much are your funds worth today, AND how much could they be worth!

Improve Your Retirement Income

We can help you to find the funds and then utilise them for your retirement!

Pension Tracing Service

Lost touch with your pension funds? Not sure what or where your pension assets are? Use our Free Pension Tracing Service.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Just a few of our recent clients comments…

I honestly thought I would not be able to find the funds I started putting into a pension when I was young! Pensions Advice UK were able to find the fund, plus a fund that I had forgotten about AND the total amount of money was double what I expected!..well worth completing the form! Fantastic Service...totally recommend it!

Mr G, From Cheshire

Brilliant service, I was so shocked by the amount of money that Pensions Advice UK found! Very happy!! Delighted with the results...

Mr D, From Derbyshire

Thank you Pensions Advice Uk! I am delighted with the advice and help you have given me since you found my pension funds...

MR H, From Kent
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