Pension Consolidation:
Combining multiple pension pots

Consolidating your pensions enables more effective management of your savings.
At Pensions Advice UK, we facilitate this process by connecting you with expert advisers who specialise in smooth and effective pension consolidation.

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What is Pension Consolidation?

Pension consolidation is the process of amalgamating multiple pension pots from different providers into a single pension plan.

This is typically done to simplify the management of retirement savings, reduce administrative fees, and have a clearer view of the total pension assets. By consolidating pensions, you can more easily track their funds, make informed decisions regarding their retirement planning, and possibly gain better control over their investment strategies.

However, it’s crucial to consider any loss of benefits or charges that may apply before proceeding with pension consolidation, and professional advice may be beneficial to ensure the consolidation aligns with one’s long-term financial goals.

Through Pensions Advice UK you can access two types of pension service that are designed to help you combine your pensions into 1 easy to manage plan…

Advised Service

An Advised Pension Consolidation Service is meticulously tailored for individuals looking to consolidate their various pension pots into a single, manageable platform, while benefiting from professional guidance and management every step of the way.

Non-Advised Service

A NON-advised Pension Consolidation Service is crafted for individuals keen on consolidating their various pension pots into a single, easy-to-manage platform. This service is centred around self-guidance, ensuring the decisions are yours to make, while we provide the necessary facilitation.

Billions in Unclaimed Funds!

* There is currently an estimated £26 billion in unclaimed “lost” pension savings.
This is money people have previously saved for retirement, that is unclaimed. So, it is worth checking if you could have pension funds that have not been claimed! Try our pension tracing service today!

*Source: Association of British Insurers 2022