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You should take a guaranteed income, for life, or if flexible options are important to you. It is important to carefully consider your options before proceeding with drawing down your pension pot.

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Find out and manage what happens to your funds when you die.

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If you want, you can add money back to your pension even if you are drawing money from your pension. This also benefits from the Tax relief, but will depend on the amounts.

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Ask about our pension tracing service! We find lost pensions!

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Pension Income Drawdown

Pension Drawdown a Quick Explanation..

Pension drawdown gives you a level of flexibility to take the income the way you want and when you need it.  The remaining pension fund will  stay invested and hopefully, continue to grow, and importantly return the remaining fund value to your loved ones when you die.

What is the difference between purchasing an annuity and Pension drawdown?

This simple example shows how it works…
When purchasing an annuity, the growth rates are currently around 2.1%.
£100k lump sum buys you £2,100 a year but this a guaranteed payment, however, this almost at an all time low.

Pension Drawdown gives you the ability to get a return far beyond this, and in a world where equities have returned closer to 7% per annum in the last 30 years. If you achieved 7% return (net of fess) you would receive £7,000 a year, which is excess of 3x the amount of an annuity! The income you receive can fluctuate with the investment return of your pension.

Pension drawdown will pass the remaining pension funds to a beneficiary on death, whereas an annuity stops on death and the insurance company keep your remaining pension value to themselves, and there is no legacy to pass on. If you die before the age of 75, the whole pot can be passed on tax free if left in a Flexible Access Drawdown.

Get professional qualified advice..

If your pension is worth over £30,000 the government recommend that you get advice. It’s really important to get professional, expert advice. By completing the form below, this is the 1st step to getting great advice you can rely on. Pensions Advice UK  can provide you with an expert Pension Drawdown adviser who is qualified and certified.

Get A Lump Sum From Your Pension

Most Pensions if you are over the age of 55 allow part of the fund to be taken as a TAX FREE lump sum.

What Can I Use The Money For?

Once the money is release you can use it for any purpose…many of our clients who have used this service have used it for childs wedding, a holiday of a lifetime, home improvements, a new car, a boat or even to buy a new property! The money is yours to do what you want with it!

How Much Can I Get?

You get 25% of your pension fund TAX FREE, however, we are able to release more of the fund if required, though you may have to pay tax on this amount.

How Do I Release Money From My Pension Fund?

This is where we come in! We are able to carry out all the paperwork for you and provide you with professional advise you on the implications of releasing money from your pension fund.