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Did you Know, there is an estimated £140 billion of unclaimed pension funds?

Over time it is easy and very common to lose touch with pension savings. We change jobs, move house, and the companies we have worked for change ownership or close down. All these changes over time make it very difficult to keep in touch with your valuable pension savings.

Pensions Advice UK advisers will help you trace your old pensions for FREE**(terms apply), and as part of this process, you will also receive a Free Pension Health Check – to make sure your funds are on track, in the best place and you are not being overcharged.
Get started today, “un-freeze” your pension savings, and get them working for you…
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Your details will be passed to financial advisers who will carry out an investigation on your behalf to find lost pensions or frozen pension funds, then, offer advice on how to best manage these funds.
Please note: All advisers do not charge for the initial consultation and the pension search as it forms part of the advice service. You can then choose to take up the advice, at which point the adviser firm will need to stipulate any charges and fee’s before proceeding.
*If ALL your pension pots (including the ones you already know about) exceed £15,000* we will carry out an investigation to find lost or frozen pension funds. Alternatively, we may be able to offer a chargeable standalone tracing service. Most people in their 40’s and 50’s who have been contributing to pensions for at least 10 years will likely have pension savings worth more than £15,000 and therefore should easily exceed the £15,000 no-obligation pension tracing bracket.
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Billion’s in Unclaimed Funds!

* There is currently an estimated £140 million in unclaimed “lost” pension savings. This is money people have previously saved for retirement, that is unclaimed. So, it is worth checking if you could have pension funds that have not been claimed!