HNW Specialist Wealth and Pension Advice

The financial services industry describes a person as “high net worth” if they have over £1 million in assets.
This can be an accumulation of your home value, assets owned, pension savings, investments, liquid assets and alike. This can then attract specific skills to manage and optimise the portfolio. This is where a specialist Wealth Manager/Adviser can be invaluable.

However, it is true to say, there are many financial advisers but not all advisers are the same.

Most financial advisers will “claim” competencies in dealing with HNW worth individuals, but it is often the case, that this is an aspiration of the adviser and not part of their professional experience.

Finding the best high quality, discreet, trustworthy, HNW Wealth Managers can often be difficult.
If you already have a wealth manager, getting a second independent opinion can be invaluable.

We have access to a small number of the UK’s trusted advisers for HNW individuals.

Advisers based in London and also outside the capital in Manchester and as far as Edinburgh and Inverness. The advisers have been hand picked based on their experience, qualification and current portfolio of HNW clients.

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