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Success Stories

“I found three old pensions I had forgotten about. The process was so easy!” – Jane D.

“Thanks, I recovered £160,000 in lost pension funds!” – John S.

“The team at helped me locate several pension pots from my previous employers, securing my financial future!” – Sarah L.

“I was amazed at how simple and fast the process was. I found over £200,000 in lost pensions!” – David M.

Get started today, “un-freeze” your pension savings, and get them working for you…

Terms and Conditions for Free and Paid Pension Tracing Services

Free Pension Tracing Service: We connect you with expert advisers who will trace your pensions at no cost if the total value of your existing pension savings, excluding the ones you want to trace, exceeds £50,000. This enables the advisers to offer comprehensive advice based on the higher value of your pensions.

Paid Pension Tracing Service:
If your total pension savings are below £50,000, we can still connect you with advisers who offer a paid service. This ensures you receive high-quality support and tracing services regardless of your pension size.

Expert Advice: The advisers we connect you with are highly qualified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They provide thorough and reliable services to ensure your pension funds are effectively managed and maximised.

Why is the £50,000 Threshold Important?

Advisers can only afford to provide the free pension tracing and advice service if your total pension values are above £50,000. This is because the comprehensive service includes detailed tracing, assessment, and advice that are resource-intensive. For pension values below this threshold, a paid service is necessary to cover these costs and ensure all clients receive the best possible support and outcomes.

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Billion’s in Unclaimed Funds!

* According to recent studies, the amount of unclaimed pension funds in the UK is estimated to be around £26.6 billion to £37 billion. This significant sum is due to a variety of factors, including people changing jobs, moving houses without updating their details, and not keeping track of their multiple pension pots​ (Home | ABI)​​ (MandG)​​ (UK Payroll Pro)​. This large pool of unclaimed funds underscores the importance of using our service to ensure that you can reclaim your lost pensions and secure your financial future.