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Defined benefit pension schemes require specialists advice and support, and as such, you will need to speak to a Defined Benefit Pension Specialists Advisor ( It is a legal requirement for an adviser only to provide advice IF they have the necessary qualifications and certification) in fact, there are only a handful of qualified defined benefit pension experts in the UK, and they can sometimes be difficult to find, or get hold of.
Therefore, IF you have a defined benefit pension, and you would like advice, please complete the form detailed below and we will arrange for our Defined Benefit Pension Advice Specialist to contact you.

Make sure our get advice on your Defined Benefit Pension also known as a Final salary pension advice.

Defined Benefit final salary pension transfers are a hot topic. Individuals with benefits with a value over £30,000 must take advice as stipulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the advice must be from a regulated advisor who has the relevant permissions and qualifications.

A Transfer Can Be Beneficial…

A transfer can be beneficial. It can potentially offer higher tax-free cash, enhanced death benefits, income flexibility, and earlier access to benefits

if you are over 55.
But all factors must be considered when assessing whether a transfer is in an individual’s best interest.

All Transfers Are Not Equal…

The values offered from scheme to scheme vary dramatically. Some are quite generous, many offer relatively poor values. It is critical to appreciate the real value of the benefits you have in a scheme, and fully understand the impact and options of a transfer.

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